Meetings to discuss the proposed development in Silver Street

On October 11th 2023 a public meeting was held to discuss the proposal to build up to 12 dwellings off Silver Street. Simon Collier of Collier Planning, the planning consultant for the proposed development, attended to answer questions. West Buckland Notes 11th October 2023 Silver St Development Consultation

On 3rd December 2023 a planning meeting was held to consider planning application 46/23/0018 Application for Outline Planning with all matters reserved, except for access, for the erection of 12 No. dwellings (25% affordable) on land at Silver Street, West Buckland.
Draft Minutes Planning Meeting 4th December 2023

Electric Vehicle Charging Point at West Buckland Village Hall

West Buckland Parish Council obtained a grant from Somerset West and Taunton Council to part fund the installation of an EV charging point at West Buckland Village Hall and it is now in use. The balance of the cost has being funded by the Parish Council and West Buckland Village Hall.

The full instructions for charging your car are on the Charger.

1.  Check the green lights are all lit.
2.  Tap the LED control panel to get charger status
3.  Use Your smartphone to download the QR code on the left hand side side        of the charger.
4.  This takes your phone to the required app and which shows you how to            charge your car as it records and takes the cost
5.  When finished Charging then follow instructions to Log off