Adopt a Footpath Scheme

Fed up of overgrown stiles and gates?  Can’t see signposts or waymarks?

Do you enjoy walking, riding or cycling?

Do you tend to use the same path regularly? Why not adopt-a-path & help to look after it?

Somerset County Council is the authority with a responsibility for footpaths and they have a scheme to help people adopt a path and look after it.

What SCC would like you to do:

• Walk a path, or ride/cycle a bridleway/restricted byway as often as possible

• Report any problems you encounter to us or a local Adopt-a-path Co-ordinator

• Help with cutting vegetation back from signs, stiles and gates

• Keep an approximate total of time spent clearing vegetation

• Promote responsible use of the path

What you can expect from SCC:

• Help and advice with any rights of way questions

• Cover under our insurance policy whilst carrying out the role

• Loan of gloves and tools to do the clearance

Who can take part?

The scheme is open to everyone between 18 and 75 years old. Don’t worry if you’re under 18. You can still take part provided that when you go out to survey your adopted path, you go out with your parent or guardian. Likewise if you are over 75, you can still take part, but please get in touch with the Rights of Way Team.

How do I apply to Adopt-a-Path?

Applying to take part couldn’t be easier. Go online or fill in and return the form on the Adopt a path leaflet letting us know in which area/parish you would like to Adopt-a-Path. We’ll then send youa map asking you to mark which paths youwould like adopt. When you return the map we’ll send you relevant information and details of any local co-ordinator. If you request tools or gloves these can be delivered.
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