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Could you provide a voice for people living in this community?

Would you like to have a say about the local issues people care about?

Decide how money is spent to improve the community

Help to secure funding to improve facilities

APPLY TO BE CO-OPTED using the application form

Eligibility of candidates – West Buckland Parish Council can consider any person to fill a vacancy provided that:

They are an elector for the parish; or

They have resided in the parish for the past twelve months or rented/tenanted land in the parish; or

Their principal place of work is in the parish; or

 They live within three miles (direct) of the parish.

A candidate will be deemed disqualified for election/co-option, under the terms of the Local Government Act 1972, of which the main criteria are:

 Holding a paid office under the local authority;


Having been sentenced to a term of imprisonment (whether suspended or not) of not less than three months, without the option of a fine during the five years preceding the election; and

Being disqualified under any enactment relating to corrupt or illegal practices.

Candidates will be required to:

Complete an application form available from the Clerk, website or Parish Council Facebook page;

Confirm their eligibility whilst confirming they are not disqualified from holding the position of Parish Councillor.

Eligible candidates will be invited to a Parish Council meeting. The co-option process will take place in public without intervention from the public.

A documented interview will be used to determine the successful candidates. If there is only one candidate there a documented interview will still take place. Questions will be agreed before the interview and each candidate will be asked the same questions.

All application forms will be treated by the Clerk and all parish councillors as strictly private and confidential and in accordance with the Council’s 

A vote by ballot, or a poll in the case of a virtual meeting, will decide who will be co-opted. An absolute majority vote is required for each candidate from all members present and entitled to vote (LGA 1972 ch. 12. Para 39) (The applicant with the least number of votes casted will be deleted and the vote taken again and again etc. until the number of candidates equals the number of vacancies);

Where there is only one applicant there will be a vote by ballot, or a poll in the case of a virtual meeting, to decide whether they should be co-opted.

Candidates will be furnished with a full agenda of the meeting at which they are to be considered for selection, plus a copy of the members’ code of conduct, acceptance of office form, Members’ Register of Interests form and standing orders of the council. The successful candidates will immediately sign their declaration of acceptance of office and can then act as councillors. They are to be reminded that their entry to the Members’ Register of Interests must be filled in within 28 days and a copy passed on to the monitoring officer.

Police Report from PCSO Chandler Hallett 19/05/21-16/06/21

West Buckland Crime Stats
There has been 12 calls into 101 and 999 for West Buckland between 19/05/2021 and 16/06/2021.
These calls involved-
· Road Related Incident X2
· Missing Person X1
· Road Traffic Collision X1
· Abandoned 999 Call X2
· Assisting other services X1
· Contact record X1
· Suicidal X2
· Concern for welfare X2
Between 19/04 – 19/05, AW053 beat (Wellington Town Centre and South) received over 300 calls. Only 12 of these calls involving West Buckland shows that West Buckland is managing really well and having very few incidents.
One of the suicidal calls and concern for welfare calls were for the same individual.
Reports of Antisocial Behavior
There were 0 calls to police for ASB in West Buckland.
What’s been done?
· PCSO Hallett is thoroughly looking forward to his day of engagement with West Buckland School.
· PCSO Hallett has not had anyone come forward to volunteer for speed watch since the last report was published. Please email me if you are interested in helping out
· PCSO Hallett has completed regular patrols in West Buckland to give reassurance to members of the community.
Kind Regards,
Chandler Hallett 8366
Police Community Support Officer
Neighbourhood and Partnerships | Avon and Somerset Police
Wellington Police Station, Victoria Street, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 8HR
Mob 07545649613
Email | Follow us on Twitter and Facebook

West Buckland Parish Council Chairman retires after 21 years in the chair

Cllr Margaret Blogg has retired from West Buckland Parish Council after 21 years in the chair. Her final duty was to take the chair at the start of the Annual Parish Council meeting on the 25th May to call for nominations for her successor.

Margaret had planned to stand down in May 2020 but stayed to chair the Council through an unprecedented period when meetings were held virtually as a result of Covid regulations. This was the first time councillors had met in person since February 2020 and Cllr David Lacey, Vice-chair, was able to take the opportunity to present her with a farewell gift from her fellow councillors and the clerk.

Councillors elected Charles Silverlight as their new chairman.

Cllr David Lacey presenting Mrs Blogg with her gift.

Advice about ransomware, phishing, working from home and online fraud

Avon and Somerset Police have produced some advice about ransomware, phishing, working from home and online fraud. These are the most prevalent attacks that the UK police forces are seeing right now due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

 The documents include a quick reference guide, a presentation and a written information document, which are meant to be read together side by side, but the written document can be read separately.

 Please pass on these documents and distribute it throughout your contacts in order to remain safe and secure during this Crisis. Threat actors are increasingly targeting individuals, businesses and organisations and using the pandemic as a manipulation tool to install malware and steal personal information. The attached documents will advise the reader of the current threats and how to create a stronghold for themselves while working from home or using the internet for personal reasons.

COVID19 Advice doc

COVID19 Adivce presentation

COVID19 Quick Tips