Agenda 6th December 2021

Agenda for a Meeting of the Parish Council to be heldon Monday 6th December 2021 (rearranged meeting) at 7.30pm in the Committee Room,West Buckland Village Hall.

                                                     Members of the Public and Press are welcome to attend.

1. To accept apologies for absence.

2. Disclosure of interest in items on the agenda. Councillors are reminded of the need to
disclose or declare an interest in any of the items to be discussed. Please declare your
interest, and leave the room if necessary, when the item is reached.

3. To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 26/10/21 as an accurate record.

4. Matters arising from the minutes not covered by the agenda (for information only).

5. Democratic Period.

6. Update on broadband issues

7. Planning:
a) To consider any planning applications received by the Parish Council prior to the
46/21/0025 Formation of vehicular access and track at Morrishes Farm, West Buckland
Road, West Buckland.
46/21/0033 Erection of spray shed at SRK Scaffolding, Haywards Road, Chelston,
46/21/0034 Application for Outline Planning Permission, with all matters reserved, for the
demolition of barn and erection of 1 No. dwelling in lieu of Class Q prior approval granted
at Huntspath Farm, West Buckland Road, West Buckland.

b) To receive decisions from planning applications determined by SWT Council
46/20/0023 Erection of 1 No. 3 bed detached house with garage and formation of access
in the garden to the side of Llantarnam, Chelston Nurseries, Nursery Lane, Chelston
(resubmission of 46/20/0001).
46/21/0027/LB Replacement of windows and doors with widening of access door on
north west elevation, installation of woodburner and flue and erection of outbuilding in the
garden of Wisteria Cottage, Chelston Road, Wellington
c) Any other planning matters.

9. Highways.
a) To note any required work to be reported to SCC.
b) To receive an update on any outstanding highways work
c) To note the completion of the dropped kerbs at Dyers Close and Silver Street/Frogs
d) Update on requests to Highways for a speed check and 40 mph speed limit request.
e) Update on fingerpost sign refurbishment
f) Update on work by landowners to alleviate the flooding risk at Park Bridge, Sawyers
g) Request from PCSO Hallett on the Council’s opinion on the Worlds End junction and if
it feels the reduction of the speed limit has benefited residents of West Buckland.
Does it feel the reduction of the speed limit is enough or does it think it needs to be
reduced more? As well as the speed he would really like some general feedback on
councillor’s views of the junction.
h) Any other highways matters.

10. To note any reports from:
a) County Cllr
b) District Cllr
c) Police
d) Somerset Council Action Plan Meeting
e) Somerset Bus Partnership – to note the representative and any update.
f) Blackdown Hill Parish Network AGM
g) Cycle route update
h) Any other reports

11. Finance:
a) To agree and authorise any payments
b) To note any receipts and the bank account balances
c) To note the bank reconciliation checks by Cllr Mitton
d) To discuss the budget for 2022-23 and the precept to be requested.

12. Playing Field-
a) Any points to note from the regular inspections
b) Report from annual inspection
c) To discuss a request from the Village Hall Committee to use part of the field for a
celebration for the Platinum Jubilee on Saturday 4th June 2022.
d) Update on ordering a Parish Council commemorative tree for the Platinum Jubilee
e) WI request to plant a Rowan tree to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee
f) Further discussion on planting/siting fruit trees in the playing field.

13. Footpaths: to discuss any footpath matters

14. Emergency planning

15. Correspondence:

16. Any urgent business at the Chairman’s discretion (Not for Decisions).

17. Date and arrangements for the next meeting. 4th January 2022

Jill Larcombe 25th November 2021