Police Report from PCSO Chandler Hallett 19/05/21-16/06/21

West Buckland Crime Stats
There has been 12 calls into 101 and 999 for West Buckland between 19/05/2021 and 16/06/2021.
These calls involved-
· Road Related Incident X2
· Missing Person X1
· Road Traffic Collision X1
· Abandoned 999 Call X2
· Assisting other services X1
· Contact record X1
· Suicidal X2
· Concern for welfare X2
Between 19/04 – 19/05, AW053 beat (Wellington Town Centre and South) received over 300 calls. Only 12 of these calls involving West Buckland shows that West Buckland is managing really well and having very few incidents.
One of the suicidal calls and concern for welfare calls were for the same individual.
Reports of Antisocial Behavior
There were 0 calls to police for ASB in West Buckland.
What’s been done?
· PCSO Hallett is thoroughly looking forward to his day of engagement with West Buckland School.
· PCSO Hallett has not had anyone come forward to volunteer for speed watch since the last report was published. Please email me if you are interested in helping out Chandler.Hallett@avonandsomerset.police.uk
· PCSO Hallett has completed regular patrols in West Buckland to give reassurance to members of the community.
Kind Regards,
Chandler Hallett 8366
Police Community Support Officer
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