West Buckland COVID 19 Support Group

For the period of the crisis the Parish Council is setting up a network of support for vulnerable groups and those self isolating in West Buckland parish. We aim to offer help with shopping, collecting prescriptions, dog walking and phone calls to those feeling isolated.

If you or someone you knows falls into the vulnerable groups and need assistance you are not able to give them please contact Jill Larcombe, Clerk to the Parish Council, on 07718255516 or email with the subject line ‘Help Needed’.

If you know someone who needs help in the village,collecting medication from a pharmacy, dog walking or phoning those who are feeling isolated please complete the Volunteer-Form and return to with the subject line volunteer. Jill will maintain a list of willing volunteers and endeavour to place those in need with someone who can assist them.

Volunteers making deliveries should not enter people’s home. They should keep a 2 metre distance from the person they are helping. Deliveries should be placed on the doorstep and the volunteer should retreat 2 metres.

If you are self isolating as a result of then illness or as a vulnerable person, a note on your front door to indicate this is very helpful for any callers to your premises. 

The situation is changing rapidly and information will be updated on the website and facebook pages on a regular basis.

Useful information

Last updated 23.03.20

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